Somerset, the hotbed of the west country saw a man & a few friends with a vision. A vision to build a carnival float each year, raise money and have a dam good laugh at the same time. So at a friends house, 17 years ago a chap by the name of Vince made Cobra Carnival Club rise from the ashes. And since then we have entered the Guy Fawkes carnival every year. Every year we’ve become bigger and stronger, earning recognition for all our hard work, effort and artistic skills, whilst winning cups along the way. Vince Graham has been at the heart of it all and now thanks to Vince, the board, us hard working members and some nice donations we now have our own tractor which is being adapted by Steve Gibbs so it will be able to pull the immense weight of the cart. 2011 will be a great challenge for us all, but will be great fun along the way!” .